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Kath Woollen - Northumbrian Artist

Kath is a Northumbrian, UK-based artist, with her work published in several art journals. She produces 'Art from the Heart', inspired by the landscapes, seascapes, and natural world around where she lives on the South East Coast of Northumberland, and in other areas she loves to visit.  Never sticking to any one subject, or any one method of painting, her work is very diverse and experimental, using many different mediums to produce her unique, semi-impressionistic interpretations of what she sees and feels.


Although not technically a professional artist, in other words she doesn't make a living from her art and paints purely for her love of it, her work has attracted some attention since she came back to her love of painting after taking early retirement. Several galleries have exhibited her work, she has been an exhibitor at several art festivals, and she is always open to being contacted direct if anyone would like to ask her about her art. 

Please Contact Kath Here: 

Coastal Blues
Lakeshore Dusk
Golden Harvest
Trio of Contemporary Oil Paintings
Misty Moorland
Sing Robin Sing
Percy Pheasant
Association of Animal Artists
Night Flight
Coming Home
Night Fox
Henrietta Herdy
Harvey the Winter Hare
The Bathing House at Howick, Northumberland
Frozen Forest
Rowan Berries
Clennel Street, Upper Coquetdale
Highland Heather
Sea Lavender at Dunstanburgh
Beyond the Gate to Grasmere
Autumn Pathway
Morning Light at Whitley Bay 300.JPG
Sycamore Gap
Fields of Snow, Ninebanks
Spring Tide at Whitley Bay.JPG
Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland
Devotion .JPG
Four Seasons - Autumn
Autumn Colour in the Cheviots
Harthope Valley and Cheviot 300.jpg
The Storm is Over - Seaton Sluice Beach.JPG
Morning Meadow.jpg
Im Coming Home Newcastle.JPG
Winter Robin 2017
Seaton Sluice Harbour 2
I See You 300
In Flanders Fields the poppies blow....jpg
First Grey Light of Dawn.JPG
Hello and Welcome!
2023 profile.jpg
Misty Moorland

Just Saying Hi 




The new year saw me re-evaluating my art and the processes I use to complete any finished piece of artwork. For example, I learned that many people won't buy pastels (and I work a lot in pastels) as they think they will fade and not last - so a waste of money buying a painting that has been painted using soft pastels. This is, of course, not true! I use Unison Soft Pastels, and they are almost pure pigment - the same as oil paints, so will last almost forever.

Now I'm moving forward to expand my repertoire and diversify into slightly more abstract landscapes and seascapes.....we will see how that turns out! My first in this particular kind of new-to-me style is below, 'Misty Moorland' in acrylics on chunky box canvas, now varnished and chunkily framed! And it SOLD only half an hour after I dropped it off at the gallery!

Welcome to my website where I showcase some of my artwork.

Painting and drawing has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember as a hobby, although I followed a career in many other areas, including a managerial role in Public Relations for a large global company.  I only returned to painting in earnest after taking early retirement in 2006 following a personal loss, and discovering that I could find a certain degree of solace in my painting.

Art therapy has long been recognised as a way of switching off mentally from the worries and stresses of certain aspects of life, taking the mind into a place of peace and serenity. The beauty of it is, anyone can do it!

Please feel free to send me your comments/questions, and I will respond as soon as possible. Please use the Contact Me page of this website, or Email

What's New?




I wasn't very prolific during late 2021 and most of 2022, due to a lot of illness, up until I joined Morpeth Art Group last September, but I've gradually managed to get back into artistic mode, with a few ideas in the pipeline, and several new paintings completed. This one, below, is another in my new series and style, 'Borderlands' in acrylic on canvas, and SOLD straight away from my Facebook page! How amazing is that?


I also SOLD my 'Night Fox' painting recently at the Coquetdale Art Gallery in Rothbury, and I have three small oil paintings at the framers as we speak ready to go on sale.











Really happy to say that I accepted - who wouldn't?!








As an artist the urge to paint florals in Spring is strong, and one of my new canvases will certainly feature flowers - but maybe in a different way to how I usually paint them. As I’ve mentioned before on my Facebook art page and on my website, I’ve been re-evaluating the way I paint and what I produce, and have already embarked on ‘the new me’, with a more modern and contemporary approach to my landscape and seascape work. I’ll still be painting my wildlife alongside these, and they will still be recognisable as my usual style, albeit with some changes in medium and approach to make them a little bit more ‘modern’.


Old fogies like me often find it hard to climb out of that comfortable and familiar rut, but art, like everything else, passes through phases of what is fashionable and what is not, so artists need to evolve along with that. I’m in that transitional stage at the moment, so wish me luck - I’ll need it!

Why not have a read of my Thoughts of the Season blogs from an artist's perspective.

You can also keep up to date with what's going on in my arty world by following my Facebook art page:

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