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Wet Paintbrushes

Kath Woollen - Northumbrian Artist

Kath is a Northumbrian, UK-based artist, producing 'Art from the Heart', inspired by the landscapes, seascapes, and natural world around where she lives on the South East Coast of Northumberland, and in other areas she loves to visit. She always has her family, friends and the art community wondering what she is going to do next! Her works - in all forms - are highly accessible and have gained an increase in attention on the international stage, especially since becoming a Published Artist in 2015, thanks to Sachet Mixte Publishing. Never sticking to any one subject, or any one method of painting, her work is very diverse and experimental, using many different mediums to produce her unique, semi-impressionistic interpretations of what she sees and feels.


Several galleries have exhibited her work, and she is always open to being contacted direct if anyone would like to ask her about her art. 

Please Contact Kath Here: 

Sea Lavender at Dunstanburgh
Beyond the Gate to Grasmere
Autumn Pathway
Morning Light at Whitley Bay 300.JPG
Sycamore Gap
Fields of Snow, Ninebanks
Spring Tide at Whitley Bay.JPG
Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland
Devotion .JPG
Rowan Berries
Winter Cabin
Red Poppies
red squirrel
Four Seasons - Spring
Four Seasons - Summer
Four Seasons - Autumn
Autumn Colour in the Cheviots
Four Seasons - Winter
Sunshiney Day
Hills and Heather
Harthope Valley and Cheviot 300.jpg
The Storm is Over - Seaton Sluice Beach.JPG
Cheviot Cottage
Morning Meadow.jpg
Dunstanburgh Castle.JPG
Im Coming Home Newcastle.JPG
Path Across the Moors.jpg
Winter Robin 2017
Snoozy Siamese
Morning Glory at Holy Island 300.jpg
After the Harvest
Lindisfarne Light.JPG
Swaying in the Breeze
Rambling Rudolph
Morning Glory.jpg
Sky 2017
Seaton Sluice Harbour 2
River Caldbeck.JPG
I See You 300
In Flanders Fields the poppies blow....jpg
After the Rain.jpg
Walking in a Winter Wonderland.jpg
Grasmere Grace 300.jpg
Derwentwater Dusk.JPG
Lunessence 300.JPG
Skiddaw in the Snow 300.JPG
Sunrise at Tynemouth Priory 300.jpg
Days End at Dunstanburgh300.jpg
St Mary's Island.JPG
Back o Skiddaw.JPG
First Grey Light of Dawn.JPG
Sunrise over Bassenthwaite.JPG
Brooding Bassenthwaite300.JPG
Bamburgh Castle Sunset300.JPG
Tracks in the Snow.JPG
Misty Dawn 300.JPG
Going Home Through The Field of Dreams .JPG
Caldbeck Cottages .JPG
Evening Light at Overwater.JPG
Hello and Welcome!

Hi, and a warm welcome to my art website, a place where I showcase some of my artwork.

Painting and drawing has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember as a hobby, although I followed a career in many other areas, including a managerial role in Public Relations for a large global company.  I only returned to painting in earnest after taking early retirement in 2006 following a personal loss, and discovering that I could find a certain degree of solace in my painting.


Art therapy has long been recognised as a way of switching off mentally from the worries and stresses of certain aspects of life, taking the mind into a place of peace and serenity. The beauty of it is, anyone can do it!

Please feel free to send me your comments/questions, and I will respond as soon as possible. Please use the Contact Me page of this website, or Email kathleenwoollen@gmail.com
What's New?


After a long spell of inactivity from me on the artistic front, at least as far as major works of artwork are concerned, I'm finally feeling the urge to paint again. Perhaps it's the feeling that Autumn and Christmas is on its way, the urge to be creative is rising!

I now have two blank pieces of support ready to paint on - one quite large canvas (at least large for me), and one taped down piece of watercolour paper, my preferred paper for my pastel landscapes.  For those of you not familiar with my artwork, I am mainly a Pastel Artist, but that refers to my pastel sticks, rather than the colours that I use, which are mainly bolder colours than those conjured up in the mind by the word 'Pastel'.

The canvas I'm reserving for an ambitious oil painting, but starting a pastel painting on paper first to get back into the swing of things after the long drought.

Plus, I need some new original paintings to submit to the Coquetdale Art Gallery in the New Year.




My artistic inspiration! Northumberland - full of beauty! If you've never been, you're missing out on somewhere so wonderful it takes your breath away! "The North" doesn't stop at Yorkshire!! Friendliest, most welcoming people, delicious local foods, great hospitality, magnificent landscapes and breathtaking, castle-strewn coastline with the best sandy beaches you could wish for. Quirky individual shops, tea rooms and galleries.....what are you waiting for?!!!

Morning Glory at Holy Island