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 About the Artist

Many people take up art as a hobby on retirement, but to me, art has always been an important part of my life since childhood, but one that I couldn't indulge in very much, having spent almost 40 years working in the corporate sector to make a living, as well as bringing up our children and running a very busy household.
After taking early retirement in 2006,  I now find I do have the time and opportunity to paint and get lost 'in the zone', de-stressing, as my form of meditation......and to share Art and Creativity with other people!



Kath is a resident of Seaton Sluice in South East Northumberland, UK, having lived there for almost seven years in the 1970s, and returning to live there in 2006, after taking early retirement from a Management Role in Public Relations for  a Global Consumer Products Company.

Early retirement came following a personal tragedy - the loss of her son from osteosarcoma - and the subsequent emotional aftermath, during which Kath once more found solace and 'healing' from her love of painting.

Kath is largely a self-taught Artist, who is constantly inspired by the wonderful Northumbrian/Cumbrian landscapes and coastline.  She uses mainly Unison Soft Pastels (made in Northumberland) and Watercolour to paint her often atmospheric, impressionistic and dramatic interpretations of these unique and awe-inspiring regions, hoping to provoke an emotive response from the viewer – touching their soul.

Occasionally she journeys into Acrylics, and more and more frequently Oils, when the subject of the painting requires the kind of texture and vibrancy that these mediums are best suited for.

Many friends and family have requested pet portraits from Kath, and she has now completed many of these - mostly using pastels on velour paper, and made many pet owners very happy in the process!

More of Kath’s artwork can be seen on the Gallery pages on this website.

Kath has also been accepted as an exhibitor at the prestigious Alnmouth Arts Festival for five years running – 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 - see for details, however was unsuccessful in her application for 2017, and decided to 'hang up her paintbrush' and not apply for the 2018 festival. She did, however, bring her paintbrushes out of retirement and sent in her application for the Alnmouth Arts Festival 2019. Alas, they rejected her again! Time to rethink and move on.....

Kath is a member of the Coquetdale Arts Centre in Rothbury and is once more seeking other galleries to show her work, having had her work exhibited in many galleries in Northumberland and Cumbria in the past.

2015 brought exciting possibilities for Kath, with at last becoming a Published Artist, thanks to Sachet Mixte Publications, and she is now published in four art books, available from Amazon. The most recent publication "Reunion" was published in August 2017, and before that "Landscapes" was published in 2015/16. Kath was not only featured as an artist, but also wrote the Foreword for this prestigious landscape art book. Two further books were published in 2015. No Royalties are given to Artists featured in these books, however they give free worldwide exposure to the Artists' work.

Getting Started

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 
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