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My Artwork Story

As a lifelong dabbler in drawing and painting, but never thinking myself any good after being told by my art teacher in Grammar School that, in her opinion, I'd never be an artist, I resigned myself to keeping my art as a hobby. I did win a scholarship whilst at Grammar School in the 1960s that would have enabled me to go to Art College, however my father, in his wisdom, said I'd just turn out to be a 'pot-smoking hippy' and refused to let me go!

I have no official art qualifications, apart from a Credit at 'O' Level GCE, gained in 1968, so I have to say I'm largely self-taught. But what a journey! I admire any artist who has gone to the lengths of studying at Art College or University, and has gained a degree in art, however that wasn't for me, and I was packed off to Secretarial & Business College instead.

In many ways I'm glad of that. Teaching myself through books and workshops, and more recently watching demonstrations of mediums that I've never used before on TV and YouTube, has given me a freedom of thought and technique, and a chance to explore my own creativity and expression.

I hope you will look at my artwork pages on here and enjoy what you see.

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