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2021 - AUTUMN AN ARTIST’S PERSPECTIVE: Thoughts of the Season

**Dedicated to the memory of my younger sister, Linda. 26/09/1956 to 08/09/2021**

I’ve usually written my ‘Thoughts of the Season’ for Autumn by the beginning of September, in time for the start of the meteorological start of Autumn. However this year has been a very difficult year due to family health problems with both my sisters and myself having to undergo many medical tests, procedures and surgeries.

Mine not so bad with surgery for a total knee replacement at the end of July, and I’m recovering well. My youngest sister had to have emergency life saving surgery nearer the beginning of July, and thankfully is recovering now. But our middle sister very sadly was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer back in May, and her journey back to health was tragically cut short and not to be, and we lost her last week.

In light of all this my artwork has been curtailed for several months now, but as I’ve always found painting to be a form of therapy, I’m going to try to rekindle my artistic zest soon. Even more so because my sister was always a great supporter and lover of my art, and what better way to honour that than to start painting again.

So now to begin that journey back, Autumn being the perfect time as an artist to get joy and comfort from the warm colours and misty, melancholic mornings of the beautiful countryside around me.

I’ve been seeing signs of Autumn for a couple of weeks now in the fields and hedgerows, and some trees already showing lots of burnished gold and russet autumn colours in their leaves, and Rowan trees laden with red berries that the many birds are taking full advantage of. A time for winding down and preparing for the shorter days and longer nights, the changes in light and shade and colour around us, and the wildlife preparing for hibernation.

Soon it will be my 70th birthday, and in celebration of that we have a week in the Lake District planned, which will be a wonderful way to gather sketches and photographs as references for paintings, and also to remember my sister who always loved the Lakes and called it her spiritual home.

Then in November, with my youngest sister, I’m planning a week away in North Northumberland and The Borders, which is something we have done for many years around her birthday, but we haven’t been able to do since 2019 because of lockdowns. We usually get some crisp, frosty mornings, bright and colourful days, and often misty, atmospheric evenings when the smell of woodsmoke surrounds us as people settle in for the colder nights, or we have a meal out in one of the cosy pubs in the area with beamed ceilings and log fires. Another feast of ideas and inspiration for future paintings.

Because it will be more meaningful than ever to do all this, the paintings I have planned afterwards will be very special. I hope I’ll be able to share them with you over the course of the next couple of months.

Thank you for reading my ramblings, and Autumn blessings to each and every one. 🍁🍂

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