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Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest in buying artwork and giftware from me. I’ve set up a couple of pages on my website for you to look at, that I hope gives you all the information you need. If not, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I’m going to do this for a limited time only, as my art is just a hobby really and I’m retired, but so many people here and elsewhere have asked for this that I feel honoured, and that I should give this a go. I will probably do this again in the autumn, so you can buy things to give as Christmas presents for friends and family.

I will get orders over the weekend, send the order on Monday morning, then hopefully have the items ready to deliver by next weekend.

So here are the details:


To see examples of just a few of the kind of printed gifts that can be ordered please go to my website and click on the page ART GIFTWARE EXAMPLES. Please note that not all products are shown, a full list is on the next page with an order form.

The second page PRINTED GIFTWARE TO ORDER will take you to the Product and Price List, plus the Order Form. After typing in your contact details, and what you’d like to order - please say what item, what design/picture, and how many you’d like - scroll down to the bottom and click on the SUBMIT button. I will email you with total cost and how to pay as soon as I get your order. Any one of my paintings can be used to make printed items, not just the ones shown on the examples. The Galleries sections on my website have many more to choose from.

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