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I've recently experimented with offering images of my Artwork printed onto a range of Giftware, such as Mugs, Coasters, Placemats, Tote Bags, Key Rings and Magnets etc. I've received a few orders that I am now waiting to pick up from the print company I'm using, and deliver to those people who ordered them. Thank you for all of your orders!

As there are minimum print runs on some things, I’ll have a few items spare after I’ve delivered orders, and I’ll let you know what there is left if anyone would like to buy them.

Orders are SUSPENDED for now, but I will be offering this service again in a few weeks time, and certainly in time to order things for Christmas. I’m working on some local wintry scenes for Christmas cards 🎄 ❄️ 🎨👩‍🎨

In the meantime, please ‘Get in Touch’ if you are interested in ordering in future. Thank you.

My email address is 😊

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