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AN ARTIST’S PERSPECTIVE: Thoughts of the Season


The year that has just passed since I wrote my ‘Thoughts of the Season’ for Summer in 2020, has been even more challenging! Yet another year that has been the most unusual, difficult and tragic time for so many people, in so many different ways. Who would have thought that we’d still be in this situation 15 months on? The impact it’s continuing to have on people’s lives, their work, schools, universities, businesses and physical and mental health is unprecedented. Life as we knew it virtually ceasing to exist, or put on hold, for so many months. And with no clear picture as to how our futures will look, because of the ever changing way it’s being handled.

As I said this time last year, in this Blog I’m not going to go into the politics, the conspiracy theories, the rights, the wrongs, the mistakes, the scientific or medical aspects of this period in the life of humanity - I’ll leave that for others - but I will briefly talk again, one year on, about what it’s meant for me, as a person and as an artist.

So now I’m writing this near the beginning of June, the meteorological start of Summer, with Midsummer’s Day coming up in about ten days time. 21st June - Freedom Day! Unless the goal posts get changed yet again!

Like many other artists and creatives, I’ve suffered greatly from artist’s block, especially over autumn and winter, only just starting to emerge from the depressive state that I’ve been suffering from, and starting to paint again. The nights have been getting much lighter, but it’s only very recently that the weather has improved enough up here in the North of England to get out and about. The gradual easing of restrictions is continuing, and along with that is a lifting of mood and optimism. That’s resulting in a renewed enthusiasm for my art - greatly helped by being invited to take part in a new Arts & Crafts Fair in Alnmouth in October, ready for early Christmas shoppers. I’ve accepted and had my attendance confirmed. Save the date - ‘Art at the Hindmarsh’ on Saturday 30th October 2021 in Hindmarsh Hall, Alnmouth. Free entry - 10:00am to 4:00pm.

Now I’ve just got the ‘small’ hurdle of a total knee replacement surgery to get over in the meantime - booked in by my consultant after I’d agreed to the art fair! Sod’s Law! Oh yes, and between surgery and the art fair we’ve got a weeks holiday in the Lake District to celebrate my 70th birthday. 70? How did that happen? But a great opportunity to gather more sketches and photographs for future paintings. I only hope we get some good autumn weather - the autumn colours are just stunning in our countryside, my absolute favourite season.

My planning stage is starting now and will continue over the summer - what new subjects to paint, some new framed originals, some small canvases on mini easels, some Christmas themed pieces, deciding which merchandise to have printed….exciting but confusing. The list of things I’d like to paint is endless - choosing is the hard part. So my summer as an artist is going to be very full indeed, can’t wait to get started!

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