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We’ve been renovating our old summerhouse - just needs a lick of paint on the outside now. I’ve also bought some floral scatter cushions for the chairs to brighten it up. Mostly down to my hubby as I’ve been incapacitated somewhat, but it’s ready and waiting for the fine weather. We’ve been in it a lot this week!

Those of you who have followed me and my art for years may remember that this summerhouse was my 60th birthday present, and was put up early so I could use it in the summer months as an art studio before my October birthday. That was 12 years ago in April 2011.

It fell into disrepair during winter storms, and was full of stuff out of the garage when we converted the garage seven years ago into a utility room next to the kitchen, and an art room at the front, with the garage door removed and a large window in its place.

Earlier this year it looked ready to be demolished with broken windows, invaded by spiders, and old cushions chewed by mice. You get the picture! Time for action! So we ordered a very large shed for the bottom of the garden (in addition to the two small ones we also have dotted around - we’ve got a very big garden!) and transferred all the stuff that was salvageable into the new shed. Then we set to reglazing it, put plaster boards on the walls, plastered it and painted it cream, picking out the beams in brown varnish to give it a rustic look.

Once dry we carpeted it (with carpet we had rolled up in our loft) on top of the original vinolay for an extra moisture proof layer. Then the chairs and table arrived to complete our little retreat.

So now we have a garden room that I’ve been very happy to sit in reading whilst recovering from this latest illness, we’ve had lunch in there, cuppas with biscuits, a cheeky G&T in the evenings, and now that summer is upon us I’m also going to sketch and do some small watercolours in there.

Don’t forget that 1st to 7th June is International Nature Journaling Week, which I’m going to take part in (all being well). A great start to summer with a daily theme to follow, the first day’s theme being ‘Colour’. With so much colour in the garden right now I’m going to be spoilt for choice. I’ve got a new Art Journal/Sketchbook at the ready, with watercolour pencils, watercolours and brushes all lined up to get started.

What will your summer be like, any great artistic or creative plans? I’d love to hear them 😊☀️🌸🌼

PS: in case you’re wondering, the name above the door ‘Fascadail’ means ‘tranquil place’ in Gaelic.

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