2021/22 - WINTER INTO SPRING - Thoughts of the Season - An Artist's Perspective


AN ARTIST’S PERSPECTIVE: Thoughts of the Season(s)

WINTER 2021 - SPRING 2022

Hello again to all of my loyal readers, you’re so kind to keep on following me despite my lack of contact over the last few months.

I didn’t think I’d ever get to write my ‘Thoughts of the Season’, at least for Winter 2021, because of the sudden and unexpected turn of events just two weeks before Christmas, that landed me in hospital with acute kidney failure. ‘What next?’ I cried in disbelief, after the awful year we’d already had. Three months on and I’m very slowly starting to recover, but at a much slower pace than the doctors anticipated.

But I’m a trier, and I don’t give up easily. So on my ‘good’ days I try to do something positive and constructive. I haven’t yet been able to paint anything new, but I’m finding my thoughts ever turning to my art, and am hoping to start a new piece very soon, even if it’s just for my eyes only - which tend to get blurry as a side effect of the medication I’m on, so that could be interesting!

If you read my last ‘Thoughts of the Season’ for Autumn 2021, I can tell you that the trip to The Lake District in October for my 70th birthday did go ahead as planned, but was tinged with sadness as we took that opportunity to scatter my sister’s ashes in Grasmere, one of her very favourite places. The trip northwards to North Northumberland and The Borders in November, with my youngest sister, also went ahead as planned, and I got some wonderful inspiration for future paintings during that week. The weather was gorgeous - bright and sunny with stunning skies and autumn colours - all of which I drank in greedily, and took many photographs for future reference. But that was when I started to feel that something wasn’t quite right, and I had some vague symptoms of all not being quite well with my body…..so no paintings got started, as a couple of weeks later it all became a bit manic when I got the news that my kidneys had gone into rapid decline and were failing fast.

Fast forward to now, end of March and Easter approaching, and high dose steroid medication is keeping me going thankfully, even though the future is still a bit unclear. I just have to get used to the side effects and my face swelling up, and me looking like a bloated bullfrog and nothing like my usual self! Luckily I’ve regained enough kidney function to avoid dialysis up to this point, for which I’m very grateful, and long may that last.

So I’m tentatively feeling my way back, and looking forward to starting some new artwork - I feel I need to go back to late Autumn as a starting point, with a painting from our trip in November, then perhaps a Winter scene, as I never got to paint a new Christmas card design last year, before I move on to Spring. So that’s three paintings in the pipeline already!

I’d better get cracking then!